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become a partner in changing lives

Hearing Aid 911 with Service Dog


Corporate Partners & Community Sponsors

corportate partners & community sponsors are a force for a greater good in the lives of our dogs and clients!

When you partner or sponsor with Paragon, you promote positive change for dogs and individuals with disabilities while linking your company, service club, self, family, or group to a committed and trusted nonprofit that's changing lives and communities across the country. We believe that partnering or sponsoring with companies, service clubs, groups, and individuals that share our passion for Paragon's mission provides a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties.

Paragon relies on the philanthropic support of our local, regional, and national community partnerships and sponsorships. In exchange, Paragon extends benefits towards marketing, philanthropy, mission outreach and/or community service interests. We also acknowledge that each partner/sponsor has different interests, audiences, and recognition channels and we are prepared to craft provided benefits to suit such purposes. 

potential partnership/sponsorhip benefits*

  • Naming rights to a puppy/dog
  • Participate in the formal Passing of the Leash and Graduation Ceremony where the dog and handler graduate as a team
  • Tour and Demonstration at Paragon with a Meet and Greet with the sponsored puppy/dog
  • Recognition and logo placement on the Paragon website
  • Recognition on Facebook with a post regarding the Passing of the Leash Ceremony
  • Recognition and logo placement in two Paragon e-newsletters

*Benefits are based on the level of support

Each partner and sponsor opportunity includes a Foster Project element that allows the partner or sponsor to foster one dog. The minimum commitment is for weekend fostering, and the most significant commitment is fostering the dog through its entire training period (16 to 21 months). Typically, it would be a team of four individual, all of who must be screened and trained by Paragon to providing fostering in their homes. With a team the time commitment is spread out – as little as one weekend per month – while the sense of involvement and ownership of this life-changing work is broad and impactful for all parties. This is a powerful team building and community building experience for a corporation, service club, group, family or friends.