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paragon's work in action

Service Dog sitting at Paragon marker


Outreach & Education

To schedule a presentation and/or demonstration, please reach out to our Outreach Coordinator, Jack, via email or at 303- 214-4266 Ext 1

Paragon’s outreach and educational awareness programs seek to inform and inspire audiences about Paragon's mission-driven work and the role of service dogs and facility dogs.

We love to spread the word about Paragon and have our dogs strut their stuff through community presentations and demonstrations. We welcome the opportunity to educate as well as demonstrate the role of the hearing service dog or facility dog either at your location or at Paragon. Not only do we love spending time with folks in our community, but presentations are also a wonderful training opportunity for our dogs.

We routinely present at schools, businesses, service clubs, conventions, and social gatherings. Contact Jack, Outreach Coordinator, if your group is interested in learning more about the incredible dogs we train and how they become one-half of a dynamic team that helps people with disabilities reconnect with life.