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being a team takes practice


Testing, Re/Certification & Reporting


The goal of every hearing dog team is to pass the Sound Alert Certification Test and the Public Access Test. Therefore, preparing to pass both tests is the focus of the Team Training. Passing the tests solidifies the establishment of a certified hearing dog team and marks the beginning of their life-changing journey together.

certification & reporting requirements

The initial certification awards legal access to all public areas guaranteed by Federal law. However, it is provisional. The client must meet weekly (virtually) with a Paragon trainer, submit weekly reports, and present ongoing videos of their team's work training and progress. Our staff monitors the reports and videos to ensure a smooth transition, bonding, and ongoing sound alert and behavior training. If there are any issues, a Paragon trainer will address them with the client and will provide assistance and guidance.

Full certification status is granted to the hearing dog team if the team is deemed independent at the end of that one-year provisional period.

recertification and reporting requirements

Hearing service dog teams are required to be recertified every 12 months to ensure the team is working at the required proficiency. In addition, the team must complete and submit an annual application (provides insight into any changes in living situation, health issues for either the client or dog, behavioral concerns), video (dog demonstrating alerts and commands), and vet assessment for review to verify that the team maintains best practices in their public and sound work. Recertification is performed virtually.