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training clients to be partners


Client Training

client focused training

Clients receive ongoing training sessions and support as part of Paragon's mission-driven work and commitment to our clients and dogs. The training and support consist of online client preparation module and testing, onsite hands-on training (Team Training), and follow-up training throughout the entire process and for the life of the match (Extended Support). We are committed to our intensive and comprehensive training model because we recognize through experience that it is critical to the success of our teams in all environments - home, work, school, and in public. Our pledge for ongoing training and support helps ensure our service dog teams remain effective and successful through the life of the match.

client preparation module

Paragon works closely with each client to assess and understand the client's activity level, lifestyle, needs, and ability to care and adequately provide continued training for the hearing dog. This personalized information is incorporated into custom training to accommodate specific needs to ensure each client is matched with a hearing dog that optimally enhances their quality of life and independence.

Therefore, during our process with clients, we strive to understand their needs and abilities, be clear around expectations, and be honest and open in our communications. We are diligent in our selection practice and endeavor to create a match that offers the greatest potential for every client.

matching module

The matching module creates avenues for clients to "meet" numerous dogs virtually. Doing so enables the clients to witness a dog's movement, experience temperaments, energy, and personality, and provide reactions and responses. All of this is essential information as we determine best matches.

custom training

Once matched, trainers begin incorporating the custom training required to accommodate any specific needs a client identified in the application and pre-match training.