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escapdes in puppy sitting

Volunteer Hiking with Dog in Training


Puppy Sitter

Apply online to be a Puppy Sitter! Questions? Reach out to our Pup Raiser Coordinator, Jamie, via email or at 303-481-2376.

interested in becoming a puppy sitter with paragon?

Puppy Sitters open their homes our amazing puppies on weekends and/or needed occasions throughout their time with their Puppy Raiser. **Positions limited to Denver metro area**

process to become a puppy sitter

  • Read the Puppy Sitter job description and FAQs
  • Fill out the Paragon Puppy Raiser/Sitter application
  • Interview with Paragon's Pup Raiser Coordinator
  • Have a home visit, conducted by Paragon staff, with people and pets living in the home
  • Complete a background check (for serious crimes; $20 paid by the volunteer)
  • Participate in our orientation and once weekly pup-raising classes to learn our positive reinforcement approach from our highly skilled trainers; we strive to accommodate schedules and locations of raisers

expectations of a puppy sitter

Expectations include:

  • Provide love, support, safety, training, socialization and an invaluable in-home experience for a Paragon puppy as arranged.
  • Teach the puppy basic skills and appropriate behavior using Paragon's cues and techniques.
  • Promote confidence in the puppy and an eagerness to work through positive reinforcement.
  • Follow Paragon's procedures and guidelines.
  • Provide age-appropriate outings and experiences for socialization.
  • Complete and submit puppy reports in a timely manner.
  • Have fun with and enjoy the puppy!