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owner trained journey begins here

Owner Trained


For individuals who already share a bond with their canine companion and aspire to harness their potential, Paragon offers an Owner-Trained Program. Through this program, we collaborate closely with owners who wish to train their dogs as hearing service dogs or facility dogs.

To be considered, both the owner and the dog must undergo an evaluation process conducted by our experienced training team. If accepted, the owner-dog duo will embark on a dedicated six-month training journey guided by our trainers in a comprehensive, hands-on approach.

Our Owner Trained Teams undergo rigorous training, meeting the same exacting standards as ADI-certified Service Dogs. Once certified, they are allowed all the rights and privileges granted by ADA to a service dog team. Consequently, training one's own service or facility dog demands discipline, consistency, time, and commitment. However, the rewards of this deeply enriching process are immeasurable.