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meet paragon

a unique organization

Clients with serivce dogs

Meet Paragon


unwavering commitment to excellence in service dog training...

who we are

Paragon Service Dogs successfully creates resilient and extraordinary hearing service dog and facility dog teams around the country. Additionally, Paragon has helped support the development of similar programs in Norway, Japan and Australia. Paragon delivers independence, awareness, and an enhanced quality of life to our clients and provides a pathway for dogs to serve as professional aides, trusted partners, and loyal companions at no cost.

why we do it

Originally formed as Hearing Dog, Inc. in 1978 the name soon changed to International Hearing Dog, Inc. (IHDI) to include work in Canada. In 2024, IHDI transitioned its name to Paragon Service Dogs. Doing so reflects our aspirations to set the highest standard in providing specialized service dogs and amplify our mission by expanding services to cater to a broader spectrum of individuals in need of service dogs.

how we do it

In 2023, Paragon achieved Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Accredited Membership status, recognizing our strong commitment to upholding the highest professional standards of excellence within the Assistance Dogs Industry. As such, Paragon is commitment to excellence in training, meticulous matching processes, and lifelong support. We aim to create extraordinary partnerships between individuals and their service dogs.