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Up close of Crispy service dog

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Give a Colorado Gives Day Gift. The Day that Keeps on Giving!

Colorado Gives Day

Your Colorado Gives Day gift can provide independence, peace of mind, safety, connection, and confidence. Every donation made November 1 – Colorado Gives Day on December 5 is boosted by one of the largest Incentive Funds in the country!

Colorado Gives Day gifts support life-affirming hearing service dog teams like Jan & Enzo. Jan, an IHDI client matched with Hearing Service Dog Enzo, had this to say about how a hearing service dog changed her life. Hearing loss brings stress, social isolation, and bouts of depression. Trying to live independently, function with confidence, and, most critically, to be able to respond to an emergency, especially while sleeping, is a vulnerability that cannot be understood unless personally experienced. Since I have had Enzo, much of the stress and feelings of vulnerability have begun to ease. I worry less about my safety, enabling me to sleep better than I have in years. Enzo is a priceless gift for which I will be forever grateful. I truly wish I could wave a magic wand so everyone needing a Hearing Dog could have one!