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Nylabone Cares Supports IHDI

Nylabone Thanks

If you give a dog a bone ... he'll chew it!  We are SO excited that Nylabone Cares chose to donate chews of all shapes and sizes to IHDI trainees!  We want to make sure all of our dogs' needs are met, and that includes providing safe and appropriate chews in addition to a healthy diet and exercise.  

Did you know that chewing can be completely normal for dogs of all ages, releases endorphins (happy hormones!), and has other benefits too?   

Benefits like:

  • Relieving pain from teething for young pups as their adult teeth come in
  • Cleaning teeth, which helps to keep breath fresh 
  • Keeps jaw muscles strong
  • Can relieve boredom, stress, and frustration

Chewing on a Nylabone can help a pup acclimate to their crate, self-soothe when stressed, or just feel good!  Whatever the reason, IHDI dogs are ready to focus on training after a session of quietly chewing, and we think that's doggone good! #NylaboneCares