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Welcome Brandy to Hearing Dog!

Welcome Brandy!

We are pleased to introduce our newest candidate, Brandy - also known as Little Ms. Confident!

Little Brandy is a sweet female poodle mix! She was chosen for IHDI's program because she was eager to interact with new people, absolutely loved finding and following treats, and approached new sounds with curiosity and purpose! 

What does a training class look like for a puppy like Brandy?

Brandy's training currently focuses on letting her explore her new environment - which is one of Brandy's favorite things to do! Something new? Brandy is the first to check it out.

Brandy, her Puppy Raiser, and our trainers are teaching Brandy all the right moves through name call and recall. Name call aids Brandy in understanding that when her name is called, she is to look at the caller. When she does, she gets rewarded. The team works on recall by saying the pup's name and moving away from them excitedly, so they follow. Of course, when they arrive, they get rewarded!

A fun game for this that Brandy has loved is something we like to call Puppy Ping Pong! This game works on recall as two individuals sit on the floor opposite each other and take turns calling the puppy by name; the puppy is rewarded upon arrival to the individual and continues this practice in a ping-pong motion between the trainers.

Always rewarding four on the floor is a significant pillar to begin implementing at the puppy state, both when petting and during greetings. Crate training is another practice that is worked on throughout each class. Getting a puppy excited to enter a crate and being comfortable inside goes a long way! Finally, classes with a puppy of Brandy's age are often wrapped up by practicing "doing nothing." This time allows a tired pup to work on learning to relax comfortably in different environments. Additionally, class time involves lots of body handling and petting, from feet to ears and chest to tail!

As the puppies advance in their classes, they are introduced to different items typically found in a home environment, such as a vacuum, skateboards, fans, bikes, statues, etc., and build confidence and positive association while interacting with these items through praise and treats!

The IHDI team wishes to express a huge Thank YOU to the Brandman Foundation for sponsoring Brandy and her training journey!