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Up close of Crispy service dog

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What does being a Puppy Raiser mean to you?

Enzo in class

IHDI Puppy Raiser, Isabella gave us the scoop on what it means to her to be a Puppy Raiser for hearing dog hopeful Enzo. “Being a puppy raiser means a lot of things to me. To start out with, I get a sense of fulfillment that I can give back to the community. I know that providing Enzo with a safe, loving, and caring home will create a space for someone in the future with a hearing disability to be able to live the life they want. Next, I get to bring awareness to the community about service dogs through Instagram and by talking to my peers. Lastly, being a puppy raiser also lets me fill the void of not having a dog around. Dogs bring me a lot of happiness and it is always a good feeling that whatever is happening, one can always rely on a dog to cheer them up. For those reasons, being a puppy raiser has been the best thing to happen to me this year!”

In every Service Dog beats the heart of a Puppy Raiser. Interested in joining the life-changing community of IHDI? We encourage you to check out our Puppy Raising volunteer opportunity and see if YOU could be who we are looking for to raise a puppy and change a life!