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Keep IHDI Dogs Smiling as a Hearing Dog Hero

Astro Smiling

AmazonSmile, Amazon's program that since 2013 has made it easier for customers to support their favorite charities, including IHDI, is effectively being discontinued next month. But our hearing dogs aren't frowning, as IHDI's Hearing Dog Heroes ensure they have every reason to smile.

With this unexpected loss of support via the AmazonSmile program, International Hearing Dog is looking to our community to help fill this fundraising void. We are asking 8 individuals to join our Hearing Dog Hero monthly giving community. 

Becoming a monthly donor of IHDI is easy, secure, and convenient. When you sign up, your gift is automatically charged to your credit card each month. That steady revenue stream helps IHDI save on fundraising costs and budget more effectively. Most importantly, by becoming a Hearing Dog Hero, you’ll be playing a vital role in ensuring more dogs receive the care and customized training necessary to serve their human partners! To become a Hearing Dog Hero, select the box located at the bottom of the donation information section to have your donation automatically deducted each month.

Enrolling with a $20/month or more recurring donation to IHDI grants you access to the exclusive Hearing Dog Hero monthly newsletter. You'll receive behind the scene peeks at the dogs in training, inspiring stories, and plenty of snapshots of your gifts at work.

Join as a Hearing Dog Hero Today!