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Hearing Dog Team Jan & Enzo

Hearing Dog Team Jan & Enzo

Jan & Enzo: An Unbreakable Bond

Jan, an engaging, upbeat, and delightful woman, has dedicated her life to helping others. Working as an Accessibility Advisor for many years, Jan has passionately championed the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities. However, as Jan’s hearing loss progressed, her world grew smaller. The inability to hear people and participate in conversations made her withdraw from social situations. She became increasingly reluctant to go out, fearing she wouldn’t hear when someone approached her. Even at home, Jan’s sense of safety dwindled. As a single woman living alone, she felt particularly vulnerable at night when she removed her cochlear implant, plunging her into complete silence.

Enter Enzo...a steady, loving, playful, and loyal lab. From the moment Jan and Enzo met, they formed an unbreakable bond. During their two-week Team Training, Jan and Enzo experienced an incredible moment that reaffirmed their connection. Only four days into the Team Training, back at their hotel after a long day of training, Enzo became unusually agitated.
He persistently nudged Jan, laid down at her feet, jumped up in the air, repeatedly cycling through this sequence. At first, Jan did not understand Enzo’s behavior as their training had just begun. Then it dawned on her – Enzo was trying to alert her to something. Jan went to the door and opened it. To her surprise, the lights in the hallway were flashing, and it was filled with people evacuating. Enzo had heard the fire alarm, but Jan hadn’t heard it even faintly. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, this incident served as a powerful demonstration of the safety and security Enzo was bringing to Jan’s life.

Jan exclaims, “Enzo is a priceless gift! I am so, so grateful for him.” Enzo has not only given Jan the ability to navigate the world more confidently, providing her with a renewed sense of independence and security, but he has also rekindled her zest for life.