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Joe Heiden

Joe Heiden

Joe came to us from North Carolina via Minnesota. Trained as an engineer, Joe received his Masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Dakota. However, after several years of working in his field he came to realize that it was not a fulfilling fit for him. An outdoor enthusiast with a deep passion for dogs and service, Joe felt pulled toward service dog training work. Consequently, he brings a perfect balance to his dual role with us. 

A master of countless DIY projects from large to small, and an engineer’s ability to problem solve challenges from mechanical to facility, Joe brings a breadth of skills to Paragon’s facility management, providing leadership to all things Paragon facility. In addition to his responsibilities as our Facility Manager, Joe is also interning as a dog trainer. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, Joe is learning the intricacies of training service dogs, a task that requires patience, empathy, and a deep understanding of canine behavior. His passion for this work is evident, and he is excited about the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause.

 Joe has long loved the Rocky Mountains and loves exploring new hikes and Colorado adventures as well as spending time lakeside. You will likely see Joe out on these adventures with his constant companion Hamm. Joe’s love for adventure and the great outdoors is reflected in his spirited approach to life and work.

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